To President Nicolas Sarkozy:

Shame on French leaders for saying today that they are defending the legitimate government of Chad.

Where was France when Idriss Déby sent Sudano-Chadian fighters to remove the democratically elected President of the Republic of Congo in the 1990s?

Where was France when the army of France based in the Central African Republic gave military logistics to General André Kolingba to overthrow the democratically elected president of the Central African Republic, Mr. Ange Felix Patasse?

Where was France when Deby sent more than 5000 Sudano-Chadian fighters to overthrow the democratically elected government of the Central African Republic while its President was at the CENSAD conference in Niamey, Niger?

Was not France the first country in the world to congratulate Deby each time during the first two terms of his election despite knowledge of many, many voting irregularities?

Where was France when Yorongar won the election in 2001? Was this not the election when Deby not only stole Yorongar’s victory but then arrested Yorongar and tortured him to death?

Was not France the only country in the world to congratulate Deby after he changed the constitution of Chad to remove presidential term limits so that he could remain in power for the rest of his life?

If France really cares about Democracy in Africa and particularly in Chad, why protect a man like Deby? Deby came to power with support from Sudan, to “liberate

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