Reply at Mr. Abdelkerim

Dear Mr. Abdelkerim Adoum

I have read your article about «Lettre ouverte à Monsieur TIMANE ERDIMI ainsi qu’à certains chefs rebelles » on 20/08/2007 about Timane Erdimi. I disagree with what come in your article.

Firstly, will know that without the contribution of this dear Sir, Chad would not be at this stage. And I would like that you know that it’s since the two twins ceased collaborating with Deby, that the country started with evil to turn.

If they waited 17 years before rebelling against Deby, it is that they have their reasons. Susceptible and quite valid reasons.

That Chad need people like them, it’s not for you to decide it and it’s not for you to statement the Chadian of what they have to do or to decide!

When at the mosque, I am well placed to know to say you that it is not you who would make them morals on the religion or what they have to make! And I believe that is with you there to go to make a turn at the mosque.

If those which have to help Deby to raise the country after the departure of Habrè do not succeed in stabilizing it, to raise it of this chaos, I really do not see who could do it in their place. You for example?

When with the “interêts familiaux » as you underline it, will know that Erdimi are in left to wonder well before their exit and that the words money, fortune or interest are not worth anything for them.

And if one day they sometimes happened to them to control this country, there aren’t only you but all the Chadian who would be grateful to them, knowing that their paramount concern is the blooming of the Chadian people.

When with the incomes, that would not make them only one francs without value moreover with their budget!

Dear Sir will know that the value and competence of a man recognizes himself practically and not theoretically. If of the thousands of Chadian, Erdimi were the only ones to be able to protest injustice in Chad and that in spite of their parental bond with Deby, we would be only grateful to them.

I recognize that your article at summer published there is that 1 year; it’s just randomly that there am to fall disappointed and wanted to answer you and say what I thinks.

If Erdimi cannot be allowed to waste their time to reply to letters like that, which, I think, it’s not worth the sorrow, I am ready to do it in their place.

It is necessary to know to choose its side, but especially to know to make the good choice and the good side too.

You ask why today and not 12 years ago? It’s not said “better late than never?

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