Chad: Deby Cancels US Trip as Fighting Intensifies in Eastern Chad – OSC Analysis

The Chadian Government announced on 27 November that President Deby cancelled his 26 November-5 December official visit due to renewed heavy fighting with rebels in eastern Chad near the b or der with Darfur .

Rebels accused Ndjamena of violating the October Libya-brokered cease-fire agreement and started the fighting. Ndjamena reitereated past charges that Sudan is backing Chadian rebels. Although the most recent round of clashes has ended f or now with both sides claiming vict or y, government-rebel fighting is likely to flare up again as each side tries to maximize its position on the ground pri or to the deployment of EU peacekeepers (EUFOR) scheduled f or late December.

A statement issued by Chad ‘s government claimed that Deby cancelled his US visit and traveled to eastern Chad after Sudan-based Chadian rebels on 26 November attacked refugee camps near Abeche along the Darfur b or der. Chad ‘s intelligence chief accused Sudan of arming rebels and displayed captured Sudanese weapons f or local and international media. Chadian F or eign Minister Allami summoned the Sudanese ambassad or to protest Khartoum ‘s alleged arming of Chadian rebels (AFP, 27 November).

  • The government asserted that the Union of F or ces f or Democracy and Development (UFDD) and the Rally of F or ces f or Change (RFC) rebels broke the month-old peace acc or d by crossing into Chad from bases in Sudan . The army rep or tedly attacked a rebel column advancing toward Abeche on 26 November (RFI, 27 November).
  • Chadian General Ismael Chaibo, direct or general of the National Security Agency (ANS), told journalists that Sudan violated its pledge to cease supp or t to Chadian rebels who are seeking to overthrow the Deby government (AFP, 27 November).
  • Military officials showed journalists 32 burned vehicles, most of which b or e UFDD markings, and 20 other UFDD-marked vehicles, which they claimed they had captured. Dozens of cases of ammunition with Sudanese markings and several weapons, some of them still in their packaging, were also displayed (AFP, 27 November).

Chadian rebels announced that they would end the cease-fire on 25 November claiming that Deby was violating the 25 October peace agreement. Terms of the agreement included a cease-fire, appointment of rebels to Deby’s government, and the release of prisoners.

  • On 23 November, the UFDD, the Chadian National Concord (CNT), the UFDD-Fundamental (UFDD-F), and the RFC accused Ndjamena of failing to send a delegation to Sudan f or further peace negotiations (AFP, 25 November).
  • Rebels also objected to Deby’s 26 October decision to extend the state of emergency in eastern Chad f or 45 days. The state of emergency gives local govern or s 24-hour search and arrest powers and the auth or ity to restrict movement of people and vehicles, meetings and media coverage (RFI, 26 November).

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