March and Demonstration SPOT LIGHT ON CHAD

Denounce human drama created by French Colonialism

Where: From Parliament Hill (Ottawa, Canada) to the French embassy
When: 1pm on Saturday February 9, 2008
Come and march with the crowd, make your voice heard, march for justice, march for human right

In Chad, the talks between independence movement and the government, who are trying to
avoid another round of French colonization, have broken down. The people of Chad have been
on the move trying to escape open warfare in the N’Djamena.

Nicolas Sarkozy, President of France and neo-colonialist, has secured approval for the unprecedented
deployment of 5000 EU troops into Chad under the auspices of working on the Darfur
crisis. In truth, this deployment of troops is designed by France to eliminate the independence
movement and to coerce the country into accepting the inevitability of French dominance and
exploitation. Chad’s energy reserves are what are at issue: in a work, OIL . The corrupt government
of Chad is holding the leaders of the opposition hostage in the Presidential palace with
the help of the French military and government.

There is no coverage of this issue outside of the Agence France Press, which is controlled by the
French Government.

Come and demand information and accountability

For more information contact Haoua Inoua
613-789-1637 or at

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