Don’t take credit for actions you haven’t conducted. It’s dishonest !

Mr. Beringar,

I have just read your one year anniversary note you posted on to « celebrate » « your achievements » after a year at the head of the Chadian Diaspora /USA. It seems like you’ve achieved a lot, haven’t you?

Joke aside, truly and honestly speaking, between friends, what are you celebrating? Is it the mismanagement of the Diaspora during the last 12 months or is it the consecration of incompetence and failure? You tell me.

In any case, I’m shocked and stunned to see that you’ve had the guts to paint such a rosy and positive picture of your presidency even though everybody who is honest and has been following the evolution of this organization knows exactly what is going on. Nothing has been going one.

I don’t have a lot of time to waste on your piece of nonsense posted on but I just want to point out a couple of things pertaining to the actions you and your team are taking credit for.

You claimed in your message that you’re celebrating the one year of your administration. Great ! In other words, your evaluation should reflect what you have done and it should cover the period going form November 2006 to November 2007. That’s exactly one year. Basic math! Surprisingly, further down, in your message, you took credits for some actions you claimed you have done. Logically speaking, and considering that in the real world, elected leaders don’t and can’t claim credit for some actions that took place prior to their taking office, you have nothing to cheer about because there is just no result to evaluate. So how the hell were you able to pull all those achievements you listed? How do you explain the discrepancies in your report? Where is the truth? You and I know that there is no truth is whatever piece you wrote. It’s phony, it fake, it’s baloney!I’m sure you have some good answers.

You were elected in November 2006. Mr. Beringar, honestly speaking and in all truth, how in the world your administration can claim credit for the following:

  1. The demonstration against the French intervention in Chad organized in from of the French Embassy on April 28, 2006. The event took place seven freaking (7) months before your election. Do you see where I’m going? I bet you do. Bear with me.
  2. The demonstration in front of the Chadian Embassy to protest against the inauguration of Deby’s 3rd term. Because you don’t know what you’re talking about, you don’t even know the date of the event. Refresher: it was on August 8, 2006. That’s 3 freaking months before your team took office. You see? Does not look good! That’s not all.
  3. The Demonstration in front of the NPC. Here against you’re mixing up the dates. It wasn’t on August 8, 2006 Sir. It was on august 11, 2006. And your Vice-President dished the group to go make some « business » with the Embassy. It was on our Independence Day you morons! And it happened 3 months before you and your cronies were elected to ruin what the community spent countless nights and days building.
  4. The initiation of social and educative project for youth in Chad. Wooow! Tell me more about that project and what you’ve implemented and the tangible results.

Mr. Beringar, the only thing I can give your credit for is your trip to work with the US Marine and the US National Guard.But even for that, it’s still shady. Did you go in the name of the Diaspora? Wasn’t it individual? Is it was in the name of the organization you are leading, the money should to the the Treasury. Where is the money Mr. Lou? Despite the fact the revenues of that activity went to your pocket and never made it to the Chadian Diaspora/USA’s treasury as far as I know, you can list it to embellish your evaluation. Big deal!

That’s it. Finito! Nothing else to claim credit for. The basket ball game? Com’on! Please show me something else.
Mr. Beringar, you and your crew should be ashamed of yourselves because you’re taking credit for things that were done by the entire community way, way back, before you were elected. You are claiming actions that you were part of as any other Chadian who attended. Some intellectual honesty is needed here friends.

That said, you can make a better impact and convince the audience if you can showcase your achievements. Concretely speaking, what have you done during the 12 months you were in charge, from November 2006 to November 2007? Show me one meaningful actions that you implemented and that are worth praising and I will be the first one to come out and support you and your team. I’m afraid you got nothing to show me, do you?

To prevent you from abusing the trust of those who have elected you and to stop you from further deceiving the public, I deem it important to send you these talking points to clear the records. Your one year evaluation is very poor and there is nothing you should be proud of.

Posting your pictures online and lying about your achievements is not what the Chadian Diaspora needs. There are better things to do. Be innovative; be creative instead of going around claiming credit for things that shouldn’t take credit for. It’s just a friendly advice. Honest people don’t do that. Give credit were due and refrain from taking credit for what others have done. That’s the essence of being a man of honor my friend.

You and your followers may not like what I’m saying but so be it. It’s the hard truth though. I’m not out trying to please anybody so I’m prepared to take the heat if you don’t like what I’m saying. I’m sure some people around you will find me too harsh but provocative. The truth is that sometimes, we need to come hard on each other to get our things straight. We need to get into controversial debates, controversial topics and arguments but so what. That’s what people do in the real world. So welcome to the real world! It’s part of being a leader.

Some people may hate me for being so direct about this situation but that’s who I am and it doesn’t bother me if some morons hate my guts for spitting the truth.

Mr. Beringar, I didn’t mean to ruin your turkey and gravy on this Thanksgiving Day. And this is not personal. Just thought that certain things in your message were far from the truth and needed to be fixed. I just want to set the record straight to avoid tainting it with lies and fabrications. That’s all.

Last but not least, I hope to see you and your team during the demonstrations against Idriss Deby Itno who is coming to town next month. More details will be put out for the public for the venues and the dates and times so stay tuned. It’s a citizen action as it has always been since 2004 and it’s sponsored by nobody so feel free to join if you feel like it. It has nothing to do with Chadian Diaspora /USA or MACCA or anything else. If you are a Chadian and you fell compelled to stand up and protest against Deby’s presence in this country, you can join. If you are a Deby supporter, stay away. If you’re not in the mood to demonstrate, it’s also ok. There were be no hard feelings. We must accept each others in our differences. Let’s just not take credits for other things other people have done. In writing, it’s called plagiarism. In other forms of art, it’s called stealing and people go to jail for that crap. Not worth it, man 😉

Happy Turkey Day to you and your love ones
I look forward to seeing you and all your team soon.
Sincerely yours,

Ramadji Doumnande, Armel

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